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14 Jun

Are We Seeding?

What are we willing to sacrifice to scatter some seed? A little of our time and convenience? A bit of bruised ego? Will we risk hearing a ‘no?’ God promises the harvest but it is we who are blessed by God’s saving grace who are called to scatter the seed. Will we?

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07 Jun

Where Am I?

Perhaps we should each ask, “Where am I?” Are we, like the man and the woman, hiding behind something or someone or some circumstance to cover for our choices? God seeks a relationship with each of us but we create barriers of our own. We make ourselves too busy or too tired to be with God.

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31 May

What Is Your Spiritual Age?

God came to restore us, to renew and refresh us. To make us spiritually young. Have we let him? Or do we stubbornly hang onto old hurts or believe all this burden lifting is only for others?

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24 May

God, Family, Service: FANAFI (Find a Need and Fill It)

Do we cooperate with the Holy Spirit to serve as God calls? Are we creating pockets of God’s Kingdom here on earth? Do our lives as Christians make a difference in the world? They should. It’s what God calls us to. It’s why God gifts us.

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