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29 Mar

The Circle Maker: Taking the Long View

There is something in our nature that wants to pin God down. We want to know the dates and the plans. But as the Israelites learned, and we are learning, God’s plans are bigger than our understanding.

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22 Mar

The Circle Maker: Growing in Active Prayer

Why not pray? I think there are many reasons. One is that people don’t feel they know how to go about praying. Prayer wasn’t modeled for them. Other people don’t think that prayer really makes a difference. Perhaps they believe God is going to do what God is going to do regardless of prayer.

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15 Mar

The Circle Maker: Foolishness for God

We miss out on great adventures and great miracles because we over think the prayers and back down. We are fearful of appearing foolish.

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08 Mar

The Circle Maker: Persistent Prayer

How do we react to challenges? Some people give up and say, “I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” Others decide that somehow they must have failed or that they aren’t good enough to have things work out well. Others blame themselves, God, and people around them and become bitter.

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