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29 Apr

Quality Fruit

When the canopy is overgrown, the vine cannot produce good fruit, and neither can we when we live like 'more is better' and take on excesses. God invites us to trim back the canopy and produce the best.

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22 Apr

Fishers of People

We know that the Great Commission tells us to make disciples for Jesus, but where do we begin? We begin with seed scattering.

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15 Apr

Joy and Amazement

The disciples experienced a sense of joy, even while doubting, when Jesus appreared to them following the resurrection. Do we know true joy when we think about what Jesus has done for us?

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01 Apr

Who Is the Fool?

It's April Fool's Day and people are enjoying laughter over harmless pranks. It may be a rare coincidence that Easter and April Fool's are on the same day this year, but it does raise the question of who the greater fools around Easter might be.

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