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22 Feb

The Circle Maker: Why?

Churches cannot grow with a pastor’s prayers alone. It takes the body of Christ calling out to the Lord exhibiting humbleness and a heart’s desire to be Christ’s church in the world.

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15 Feb

Creating a Positive I.D.: Life Without Limits

Everyone is looking for something to satisfy them. And everyone faces stuff that stresses them. So each believes they know what the thing is in their life that needs fixing to make life right.

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08 Feb

Creating a Positive I.D.: Learning Your True Identity in Christ

The enemy knows we say hurtful things to one another and he prompts us to remember and over focus on those things. We begin to value the opinions of others too highly and let these wear us down.

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01 Feb

Creating a Positive I.D.: Identity Theft, Crisis of Confidence

Sometimes we adopt false identities because the activities of that identity are appealing. We see the yacht clubs, motor cycle groups, political groups, theater groups, car clubs, hiking clubs, etc, and want to be a part. None of these is bad in itself.

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