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01 Oct

More Than a Bite

Communion is more that a snack or even a remembrance. True communion increases awareness of God in our lives and in our Christian Body.

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24 Sep

A New Perspective

Stopping at a red light is a big deal to us if we're running late but is of no consequence to someone who has lost a home in a hurricane. What if our irritations over small things were turned to prayers of thanksgiving and lifting up those with more serious challenges?

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17 Sep

Forgiveness Fitness

Forgiving isn't easy. Peter thought seven times was being generous, but Jesus indicated there is no limit to forgiveness. He wants us whole ane healed, and forgiveness makes that possible.

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10 Sep

We Want to Be Other Focused

"I want to deny myself," said no one ever. What does Jesus expect when he tells us to deny ourselves?

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27 Aug

What Gifts Do You Offer?

We're told we have gifts, yet we struggle to identify them. Paul writes that knowing God's will takes offering ourselves without reserve and renewling our minds. How do we do that?

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20 Aug

As Far as it Depends on You

Racism continues to be a problem and if we are in the 'white majority' chances are we think we are doing well, but we likely don't really 'see' what is happening. We need God's help in examining our own atttitudes and behaviors before pointing fingers.

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13 Aug

What Are You Asking For?

Looking for information? Ask Siri or Alexa. What about when it is something really important? Do we think to go to God first? Do we ask for His discernment and widsom?

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06 Aug

Beautiful Feet and Mouths

It's time to share our faith stories - you know, those times when we become aware of God's work in our lives and the lives of others.

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30 Jul

More Than Conquerors

Sometimes it feels like God is so far away. Sometimes we look for ways to bridge the perceived chasm to God.

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23 Jul

God Positioning System

GPS is a great help for navigating in unknown territory but not much help for the challenges we face daily. For that we have the God Positioning System.

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