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16 Jul

Live Your Rebranding

Companies find that rebranding can improve their public image and sales. God has been in the rebranding business for years. He makes us new creations in Christ, erasing the negative image and growing us into the people he created us to be.

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09 Jul

A New and Continuing Creation

The total forgiveness from Jesus as our Lord is amazing. So why do we continue to hold onto guilt and self-condemnation?

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02 Jul

Over and Above

Jesus encourages us to 'go the extra mile.' Offering water isn't enough. We're to offer cold water. Does it really matter?

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25 Jun

The Blessings of the Servant of God

Companies offer incentive packages to draw and retain employees, but none of these come close to the blessings we have with God.

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04 Jun

Spiritual Refueling

Jesus told his first disciples to wait for the power from on high - the Holy Spirit. Do we tap into that power in our lives? The Holy Spirit is just waiting for us to ask for what we need.

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28 May

Lord, When?

It's hard to 'wait' on the Lord. We want what we want when we want a.s.a.p. But Jesus surprises us with a different approach.

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21 May

You Know the Way

Jesus shares his travels plans and assures the disciples that Jesus is making the arrangements and the preparations and will accompany us. His comfort for his disciples is for us as well as we journey with Jesus.

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14 May

God as a Mother Hen

God uses metaphors to describe himself. Is he rock, hen, shepherd, potter, light, bread, or all of them?

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07 May

One Earthly Life

YOLO, meaning 'you only live once,' is connected with a hashtag to selfies of wild activities. Jesus promised a full life. How do we get this full life?

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30 Apr

Jesus Still Drops In

Jesus did a lot of physical 'dropping in' on people following the resurrection. He still drops in today. Are you aware of his presence?

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