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12 Feb

Growing Strong Spiritually

We follow Jesus and all seems well until one day we discover we've slipped far far away from our faith walk. How did that happen? How do we get back?

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05 Feb

Teamwork and the Body of Christ

Reaching the Super Bowl takes a dedicated team working together with one mind to accomplish the same goal. We can learn from these teams to grow as faithful disciples of Jesus.

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15 Jan

Remember Your Baptism

Many of us were baptized as infants. What does it mean to 'remember' a baptism you can't remember? Today we celebrate Christ's work in us and have the opportunity to profess our faith for ourselves as we receive the water of baptism.

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24 Dec

God's Christmas Touch: Reach Toward Heaven

God is reaching out to us. He sent Jesus to make full reconciliation possible. And we're invited to reach up and receive this holy gift.

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18 Dec

God's Christmas Touch: Seek a Fresh Touch

Ever been stuck in a rut? I'm thinking of the ruts of life. Sometimes we begin to feel that nothing will ever change or improve. But God can still surprise us.

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11 Dec

God's Christmas Touch: Love a Family Member

Put any two people together and you have conflict. Put an extended family together and there is conflict. A look at Joseph helps us understand how we can better relate during family celebrations.

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04 Dec

God's Christmas Touch: Honor the Overlooked

The shepherds were the overlooked of their day. It was hard for the people to imagine God bringing word of the Savior to people unclean for worship. But God saw their worth and value. May we have eyes like God and not overlooked anyone.

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27 Nov

God's Christmas Touch: Reach Out and Touch Someone

The innkeeper could have closed the door on Mary and Joseph, but instead went out of his way to offer a little shelter. We have opportunities daily to touch others with Christ's love if we'll open our eyes and let ourselves be interrupted.

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20 Nov

Drawing Closer to God

God calls us to give, not because He needs our funds, but because we need to give in gratitude to our blessings from God, especially Jesus. Giving keeps our focus on the Giver.

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13 Nov

You Are Called, Called to Be Sent

God calls us to receive his love, to belong in his family, to beome like Christ, to bless others and to be sent to share this amazing relationship.

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